Clean Quickly & Easily - Kill 99.9%* of bacteria in 30 seconds

Use Anywhere - After eating, drinking, exercising... At home, on the go, wherever!

Feel Refreshed - Smile confidently with minty breath

  • Clear aligner and retainer cleaner

    Clear Aligners & Retainers

  • Mouth guard cleaner

    Sports Mouth Guards

  • Night guard and sleep device cleaner

    Night Guards & Sleep Devices

  • Full and partial denture cleaner

    Full & Partial Dentures

  • Aligner spray cleaner by Smilesaver


    Remove your oral appliance and spray

  • Retainer spray cleaner by Smilesaver


    Within 30 seconds, Smilesaver® removes bacteria, nasty odors, and bad tastes

  • Denture spray cleaner by Smilesaver


    Reinsert your appliance and smile! Enjoy fresh breath and a clean device

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Retainer cleaner spray by Smilesaver
Customer feedback about Smilesaver
Customer feedback about Smilesaver