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Dental Appliances and Athletic Mouth Guards Hide Hidden Dangers

Soluria™ launches new products to combat illness-causing bacteria

Seeking to address several studies indicating that orally inserted devices and appliances are harbors for deadly bacteria, Soluria™is pleased to announce the launch of two new products. Guard Health™ is a significant breakthrough for the health and safety of those using athletic mouth guards in all sports and Smile Saver™ provides a safeguard for the beautiful smiles created through proper dental methods and the tools of the orthodontist.

Recent university studies from several prominent professors and professionals have identified removable dental and orthodontic appliances and sports mouth guards as breeding grounds for dangerous and infectious bacteria, known as bio-pathogens. One such study, published by the Academy of General Dentistry and performed by Thomas Glass, DDS, PhD, found that life threatening infections/inflammatory diseases can be transmitted by the large number of molds, bacteria and yeasts found living in athletic mouth guards.

With deadly bacteria now proven to be lurking in these areas, it is critical to that they are eliminated before having the opportunity to enter an individual’s mouth and perhaps the blood stream. A few quick sprays of Guard Health™ or Smile Saver™ and waiting a brief 60 seconds, is all it takes to sanitize your appliance and help protect your health.

Guard Health™ & Smile Saver™ sanitizing sprays fight the deadly, potentially life-threatening bacteria that naturally colonize on these appliances. These patent-pending products sanitize, taste great, and are convenient to use. With a variety of fun flavors, including “Punch Bowl”, “Sport Mint” and “Bubble Gum”, there is something to please every taste bud.

Guard Health™ was developed to work towards protecting the health and safety of athletes no matter what sport or what level they play while Smile Saver™ gives your dentist and dental hygienist or orthodontist the ability to help you safeguard the smile in which you have already invested thousands of dollars.

It is no secret in the dental community that the condition of removable oral devices that show up in the dental practices during visits are characterized as "gross", "Terrible", "Disgusting" and of course "Really Bad". No need for it just sanitize regularly with Smile Saver and these comments will disappear.

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