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Soluria™ Products Support Oral Wellness And Overall Good Health
Soluria™ is a company focused on the development of innovative products based on novel technologies that provide robust solutions for good oral health. In pursuing its first opportunity, the company developed a unique technology to solve issues that could compromise the health of users of removable oral appliances (aligners, retainers, dentures, night guards), as well as athletes engaged in sports activities.

The Problem & Solution
Bacteria adheres to removable oral appliances during usage as they remain in place in the mouth for most of the day. These bacteria replicate rapidly to form biofilms comprising multiple species found within the normal oral microbiome. Biofilms also build up on oral appliances, such as sports mouth guards, worn for shorter periods of time, however, these biofilms comprise a combination of oral bacteria and non-oral species derived from mouth guard storage containers, sports bags and other items with which they come in contact. If biofilms remain on devices between usage occasions, they can create issues for their users which range from compromised device aesthetics to undesirable taste and odor. Thus, the buildup of bacterial biofilm on removable oral devices can negatively impact user’s compliance to their use. In addition, they may increase the risk of bacteria-related diseases and conditions in the mouth and, perhaps, elsewhere in the body.

Smilesaver™ by Soluria®
Smilesaver™, is a convenient, safe and effective, easy to-use cleansing and freshening spray for the elimination of bacteria and associated “gunk” that builds up during use or during storage of removable oral appliances, such as orthodontic aligners and retainers. Smilesaver is formulated without sugar, artificial ingredients, alcohol, or peroxides. The ingredients in the product are GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) and the product contains natural flavors. 

Scientific Data
Smilesaver™ has been tested in independent laboratory studies and has been shown to reduce bacteria by up to 99.9% in just 60 seconds. By reducing “hidden” bacteria on these devices, Smilesaver™ plays a significant role in maintaining good oral hygiene and, like hand sanitizer, provides an easily accessible way to minimize germs on removable oral appliances. 

Smilesaver™ has been shown to be stable at room temperature when stored for periods of 2 years and longer. In addition, it has been proven to be effectively self-preserved, as it was shown to resist contamination by bacteria, fungi and yeast once the product was opened for use. Together, the stability and self-preservation data support Soluria’s 2-year freshness guarantee. Consumer research has shown Smilesaver™ is easy to use and quickly reduces offensive odor. Together, the benefits of fresh taste and the elimination in bacteria help users to better comply with appliance usage instructions and achieve better clinical results.

Regulatory assessment

A comprehensive assessment of the regulatory status of Smilesaver™ was carried out by Soluria™ in consultation with multiple independent US regulatory experts and found to be safe and effective in eliminating 99.9% of bacteria found on removable oral appliances.